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Avinash Degree College is affiliated to OSMANIA UNIVERSITY Telengana State and offers the following programs in GRADUATION.

Degree College

Abode of Unlimited Career Choices

Growing economy has opened entrepreneurial & job opportunities across various verticals of Finance & Commerce Industry. Avinash College of Commerce offers B.Com General/Taxation courses that help the students choose between a myriad of career options based on their interest and competence. Students of B.Com (General) opt for various professional courses viz., Chartered Accountancy (CA), Company Secretary ship (CS), Cost & Management Accountancy (CMA) while pursuing their graduation. With the introduction of GST,  a plethora of Career options in Taxation Domain (Direct & Indirect) have opened up thereby encouraging students to pick up B.Com (Taxation) as a specialized course in graduation. While developing these academic & soft skills the college also improves the employability of the students through well-crafted placement training. As most of the classes are taught with real world examples using innovative pedagogy the students will find it easy to adjust to the corporate world. B.Com (General) & B.Com (Taxation) programmes offer a wide range of job opportunities as Tax Consultants, Auditors, Actuaries, Accountants, Business Consultants, Stock Brokers, Financial& Investment Analysts.

The Gateway to Tech-Savvy Graduates

The progressing world of technology is changing the dynamics of every field and especially in “Commerce & Finance”, adapting ourselves to the technology has become quintessential for driving the national economy. These changes necessitated the growth of “B Com - Computers / Computer Applications” course ensuring the perfect blend of Academics in Accounting & Basics of Technology that offers wide array of job opportunities to the young commerce graduates. This course enables the student to understand, learn and manage the use of Financial & Business software, computer aided packages connected with various business functions like Finance, Banking, Insurance etc. With the state-of-the-art computer lab and continuously upgraded software, the college offers the best learning field in Computers helping all its students in continuously upgrading their technical skills and evolving as a complete "Tech-Savvy" commerce graduate. Our Students are trained in over a dozen software packages having a range of real world applications such as Tally, C Language, RDBMS, Financial Modeling, Advanced Excel Options and Data Analytics by the time they complete their graduation. Our "Tech-Savvy" teachers help the students in understanding the software packages with real world examples. To supplement our practical teaching methodologies the students are provided with a solid understanding on the fundamentals of every subject.

Making of “The Millionaires”

Sales & Advertising Sales &Advertising plays a vital role of taking a project or service into the market. The most lucrative career options amongst all the profession available is in the field of advertising, Brand Promotion & Marketing. With the immense growth in the Advertising & Branding industry, there are huge job opportunities for B.Com (Sales & Advertising)students. The Curriculum for this course is designed to equip the students with the effects and functions of advertising. The effects and functions of advertising. They are familiarized with the direct & Digital Marketing, Sales Promotion and Public Relegations in Media Management, Brand Management, Copywriting Management & Consulting.  Foreign Trade With the advent of Globalization and the fast growth in Indian Economy, Cross Border Transactions have increased multifold thereby resulting in huge growth of Foreign / International Trade between countries. (Foreign Trade) aims at familiarising students with various aspects of Foreign Trade, Export Procedure,Traade Financing Procedures & Documentation etc thereby equipping the young graduates to pick up job opportunities in various international firms running their operations spread across in different geographies of the world.

Path of Respect and Pride

Booming Indian economy has increased the requirement for competent financial professionals with dedication and strong moral compass. B.Com Honours Course in itself is synonymous to such requirements of Industry & it has always been abreast and ahead of all other commerce courses. It is a great esteem and pride for any student to pursue a B.Com Honours Course intertwined with innovative teaching pedagogies. Aims at building competence in specific areas of business such as Finance, Human Resources, Marketing and OrganizationalBehavior while providing the students with a wide range of managerial skills. The program imparts strong subject matter expertise by focusing on the learning that includes the knowledge of basic theories, principles, methodologies and procedures of commerce and accounting. The curriculum is so rigorous and progressive and prepares its graduates for careers in commerce, accountancy as well as for other professional courses viz. CA, CS, CMA besides Traditional Post Graduate courses like M.Com, MBA, MFC, etc. Our innovative pedagogy that includes case studies, seminars, discussion analysis, debates, symposiums, group discussions, communication skills, life skills, industrial visits, field trips and projects apart from the classroom teaching helps the students in gaining a greater insight into the world of business. The sessions with the industry experts will help the students in understanding the specifics of the industry.

Making of True Business Leaders

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is one of the most sought after courses across the globe. BBA offers a practical and comprehensive understanding of business environment and management functions. It exposes young minds to various business concepts and helps them to unearth their hidden potentialities like leadership skills, creativity, lateral thinking and problem solving skills, a predominant must in today’s complex environment. At Avinash College of Commerce we work continuously to impart theoretical understanding, orient the students to industry practices, hone their personal skills and help them in evolving into True Business Leaders. Our industry oriented approach help the students in understanding business solutions from strategic and tactical viewpoints. The pedagogy on the campus is altered to suit the needs of this future business leaders. We emphasize on imparting knowledge from that is relevant to family businesses as much as corporate businesses. This helps the students develop an entrepreneurial zeal. Apart from classroom teaching, most of the learning happens through our tailored made clubs/cells viz. Entrepreneurship Development (ED Cell), Strategic Decision Making (SDM Club), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR Club), Green Club, Commerce clubs, Soft Skills Club, Training Studios, Placement Cell, Case Study Analysis, Presentations and real-world examples resulting in grooming their Decision Making Skills, Problem Solving Skills & Inter Personal Skills. Campus interviews/Placements are at the door steps of Avinash College waiting to grab our fully groomed Business Leaders. Besides these Campus Placements we would even look forward for the next Billionaires of the world from our young BBA Entrepreneurs.
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