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Avinash College of Commerce is affiliated to Telengana State Board of Intermediate Education and offers the following programs in intermediate:

  • MEC
  • CEC

Perfect Foundation for Commerce Careers

Intermediate is probably the most crucial node in the career of any student. It is the time for young kids to adapt to the ways of corporate world. Avinash College of Commerce breaks away from the traditional stereotypes to support the holistic development of student along with imparting domain knowledge.

Since, intermediate is the time to set one’s fundamental right, we have developed indigenous methodologies that help the students gain expanse of knowledge. The pedagogy is also altered to suit these sharp minds and help them develop the fundamentals in the right way.

These students are oriented through our “CA+Beyond CA” programme and are continuously supported by the faculty. This approach helps the students in being adaptive to multiple career options while focusing a career path of their choice. The learning graph of every student is monitored on a weekly basis. Regular career counselling sessions are conducted to keep them motivated to reach their goals.

As minds of intermediate students are like tender untouched flowers, focus is also laid on extra-curricular activities and sports which facilitate these tender minds to blossom. At ACC we strive not only to impart knowledge but instill sense of direction in these kids. Programs like yoga and meditation are conducted to help the students attain composure.

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