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Our people are our success:
At ACC our faculty and students come all across from INDIA. This diversity means that the ambitious and committed people you will learn with will have different ideas and ways of thinking that the group can benefit from. The personal contacts and networks you make at ACC will be just as valuable in your career as the knowledge and skills will be to succeed in business.

Study Facilities:
A 7-day study Center is available at our campuses in Hyderabad. This ensures that our students always have ideal study conditions at their convenience. ACC provides an extensive onsite library and student computer rooms.

I.T. Facilities:
In today’s information age, computer and internet access is vital for all business people. At ACC we provide the very best in technology.
• Dedicated computer rooms
• Latest Accounting & Business software
• LCD & Over Head Projector in each classroom.
• Internet Access
• Wifi connection through the campus.

Modern Classrooms:
Modern Classrooms does not only mean good cement, bricks, and concrete. A great building doesn’t become a good institution. We have spacious, well-connected classrooms, well – anointed learning resources, good faculty and an ambiance that speaks academics. We use the state of the art technology to make studying as efficient and comfortable as possible.

ACC is judged by the faculty we recruit. The criteria for appointment, retention, tenure, and promotion are designed to attract the highest caliber faculty who continuously strive to enhance their knowledge and teaching effectiveness.

Faculty constitutes the core academic resource. Whilst their primary responsibility is teaching, members of the faculty are encouraged to act as expert advisors to the Government & contribute to analysis on their subject to the media.

In addition, eminent professors and subject matter experts are also invited as a matter of routine. Aggregation of some of the finest faculty makes learning a wonderful experience at ACC.

Faculty at ACC are sensitive to academic and development needs of students, knowledgeable about the curriculum and requirements, accessible on a regular, predictable basis and concerned about welfare and development of their students.

Individual Approach:
Our personalized approach to teaching allows us to make the most of each person’s unique experience and ability and hone the skills of all the youngsters.

Three Layer Teaching System:
ACC has a unique approach to teaching that enables students to make the best of their abilities.
1. The academic layer gives a solid theoretical foundation
2. The professional layer applies practical skills and industry experience.
3. The personal layer provides coaching to assist every student individually.

The ACC campus is a contemporary, vibrant, academic environment that will stimulate your scholastic curiosity. The facilities take student needs into full account resulting in one of the best Commerce Colleges in India.

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